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Poster: aka it chic Date: Jul 1, 2004 3:00am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: A Big Beautiful Cyber Spider Web

With the torrent sites you are not getting the complete file from one person, just a slice of it (and there are no shared drives). That is why there has been no issue with IP's being summoned through these sites. You can do a netstat and see who is connected and SOMETIMES it will resolve the IP address, but if you are into file sharing, this is the way to go and the downloads are a lot faster then WinMx (also many files on the WinMx etc carry viruses).
The sites themselves are having problems, Microsoft sent a cease and desist order for displaying their software (for download).
The Michael Moore clip was obtained from a torrent site

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Poster: summerseve Date: Jul 1, 2004 4:27am
Forum: opensource_movies Subject: Re: A Big Beautiful Cyber Spider Web

Seems like the law hasn't yet settled on the appropriate metaphors for the current era. With physical things, we could always refer back to apples and oranges, and who's got something in their own two hands--possession being "9/10ths of the law". Then in came the idea of intellectual property, and things got complicated, but at least that property was attached to, or contained in, a physical item. Now we're in some kind of "quantum" period, where the intellectual property can be separated from its physical carrier, transported anywhere, and re-assembled. It seems like we need a whole new legal...dare I say it...paradigm.
Ugh. Sorry about that.